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Salvia, or Salvia divinorum, is a relative of sage and is sometimes even known as the sage of the diviners or the seer’s sage- the literal meaning of the Latin name. It is most well known as a native of Oaxaca in Mexico and is famous for its hallucinogenic properties.

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The Mazatec, indigenous peoples of Mexico, still use Salvia as part of their shamanic rituals for divination or healing. During these rituals, fresh leaves are usually used, however when you buy salvia the leaves will normally have been dried. Traditionally the leaves are chewed to a pulp for at least ten minutes, allowing the juices to be absorbed through the soft tissues in the mouth. Salvia can also be smoked through either a water-based pipe or a specialist salvia pipe.


Medicinal effects of salvia may include help with digestion and pain relief, particularly for headaches or joint pain. The active psychoactive ingredient of salvia is salvinorin A, the first ever documented diterpene hallucinogen. Most other hallucinogenic compounds are alkaloids, so salvia is in a class of its own. There is no known addictive nature to salvia. Users are recommended to take the substance with a sober person present at all times. If you are compelled to get up while under the influence of salvia, you may fall as your motor functions can be affected. Be sure you have assistance at all times.


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