Kratom Red Borneo

Kratom Red Borneo 25 gram


Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree, native to Southeast Asia and particularly prolific across the jungles of Thailand and Indonesia. Kratom trees help maintain the ecosystems in these areas by preventing riverbank erosion. Promoting the growth of these trees could gently support the overall environmental wellbeing of these areas.

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This particular strain of kratom is known as Kratom Red Borneo. As the name suggests, this type of kratom is harvested from wild plants in Borneo in Indonesia. Kratom Red Borneo has noticeable red veins across the leaves of the tree, making it a very striking plant indeed. Sustainable harvesting only uses the largest and therefore oldest leaves, leaving the younger leaves to grow and keeping the tree healthy. These larger leaves are finely ground to make a powder that’s easy to use.


Kratom Red Borneo powder is potent and a single gram can provide noticeable effects. These effects may include more motivation, more desire to work, be more sociable, or simply get out and do something active. Users tend to report that as they increase the dose, kratom becomes more and more sedative, relaxing the body and brain, reducing the impact of strong emotion and even physical discomfort.


As with all substances, it is generally recommended to start out with a small dose and work upwards as you require it. Kratom may need to be taken a few times before you feel the full effects as your brain chemistry takes time to learn how to work with the chemical constituents of the plant. Do not mix with MAOI or SSRI drugs and avoid long term use as kratom can be habit-forming.


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