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Many versions of the famous psychoactive tea ayahuasca are made by carefully combining the stems of B. caapi with the leaves of Psychotria viridis, also known as Chacruna. This is a shrub or low tree which happily grows in tropical regions all over the world. There are thought to be as many as 1200 different species of Psychotria viridis.

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Why are B. caapi and Chacruna so often used together? B. caapi, which we also stock, provides support for the psychoactive effects of the chacruna. B. caapi has the active ingredient harmine, which helps stop the digestive system breaking down the psychoactive components of the chacruna, making this pair a dream team of herbs.
The use of ayahuasca as first discovered by Western explorers in 1851. The name Chacruna is a Quechua word meaning “to mix”, presumably referring to the fact that this herb is often mixed with others to provide its potent effects. Chacruna is seen as a bringer of light, or a way of opening the mind to inner experiences.


A low dose is generally considered as 25 grams. It is always recommended to start with a low dose to minimise unwanted effects such as nausea. The plant is normally used as an infusion, and may be double boiled to increase its effectiveness. This plant must not be used by anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding, and always check for contraindications before use- as with all herbs, spices and substances.


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